Fallout from 9/11

In ten more days it will be the fifth anniversary of the events of September 11, 2001, near-universally known as 9/11. It is hard to believe that a full five years have passed since the events of that day were so deeply imprinted on the consciousness of Americans. Hard to believe because in spite of the oft-repeated rubric that it “changed everything,” so very little in day-to-day life has changed. Aside from the Administrative arm of the Federal Government having assumed dictatorial powers, it is hard to see the deep impact that such an event should leave on the face and the soul of America.

CNN has announced that it will replay it’s coverage of that day in its entirety, allowing us to relive the horror of that day in its entirety. I imagine that many people will watch the broadcast in the morning and then tune out. It’s not exactly like watching one of your favorite movies again to re-live the experience. It’s more like re-living your last trip to the dentist to have a tooth pulled out. One can only take so much.

But it may be an informative broadcast for the many who believe that the United States and Israel were complicit in the commissioning of the events of that day. I’m sure that many who hold that belief will be watching the events unfold again looking for indications of the engineering of media manipulation by vested parties. It will certainly be instructive to again see smiling former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, when asked about the attack and it’s effect on Israeli-U.S. relations, say, “It’s very good,” and then realizing what a gaffe he had made, put on a more serious expression and continue, “Well, it’s not good, but it will generate immediate sympathy (for Israel)”. In retrospect, that remark seems more like something a spymaster would say rather than an ally of America.

The lack of freedom in America generated by the events of that day seems to have no limit and no end. The U.S. Army, specifically the U.S. command in Baghdad, is looking for bidders for a $20 million PR contract to cover the war in Iraq. The only catch is that they want to “monitor the tone” of the reporting. Currently, the majority of the reporting coming out of Iraq consists of reporters in the Green Zone, usually on a high blacony, telling us how things are slowly getting better. But not better enough for them to walk in the streets on a routine basis. So much for the freedom to know what the military is doing in the name of America to the people of Iraq.

Even such innocuous things as taking your kids to Walt Disney World have taken an impact from 9/11. The finger scanning system there has now been upgraded to scan fingerprint information. Although Disney insists this is simply to prevent fraud, which is understandable, what happens if the government decides to subpoena Disney for that information? It’s a minor thing, only affecting those who go to Disney, but it speaks volumes about the nature of freedom in America, where you must produce an ID to get on any interstate bus, train, or plane.

Of course, it’s not only the Federal Government that benefits from tighter control and greater knowledge of the American populace, but large corporations stand to make more profits from a populace who they can understand, control, monitor, and predict. There’s a video on Myspace.com now from George Carlin, who, with his rapier wit, expresses this better than I ever could.