Showmanship versus Leadership

This is an interesting watershed moment in the transition of the Trump presidency. Trump’s trip to Europe has brought forward certain characteristics which have a formative effect on his presence as leader of the USA on the world stage. There is much that is recognizable and defining.

Donald Trump’s Europe tour leaves leaders strangely shaken

What is most apparent is a form of American hucksterism that has not been seen in public for some time. This is classic Americana, but the pretensions of the past half century have erased much of America’s self-understanding. This is the land of fast food. This is the land of prefabricated malls and giant concrete parking lots. This is the land of making a quick buck. Culture has always been an afterthought.

And Trump’s behavior echoes all of this. Firing from the hip, he makes statements that only validate his absolute ignorance of how things work in the real world. His confusion about EU trade policy is frightening considering his life-long association with business and trade. But, this too, is a part of Americana; the taking of short-cuts to the top without doing your homework is a path followed by many.

The Empire Strikes Back

It’s interesting how, a full half year after the elections, the Deep State has still not accepted the results, and continues to use propaganda and smearing in an attempt at regime change.
Yep, regime change, right here in the good old USA.

Trump has done nothing unexpected. He has championed corporate interests, fought the environmental movement, and surrounded himself with cronies. Everyone expected these policy positions long before the election results. What is unexpected is how the Deep State is trying to smear him as “a Commie stooge.”
This is indicative of the greatest danger that America faces, the Deep State trying to regain control over the presidency, and hence, the country.

Both Bush and Obama were clearly Deep State players, with the growth of the surveillance state maximized during their tenures. And Clinton, with her war-hawks, was their choice this time around, but something unexpected happened. Clinton didn’t win. It is almost as if elections don’t matter when the Deep State doesn’t get its candidate in power.

Clearly, Trump is the epitome of US corporate greed. His entrepreneurship extends throughout his entire life.
But a Communist supporter? This is ridiculous.

It is only through media control that the Deep State has been able to float this balloon. And it is only through a very dumbed-down America that it gained credence and traction.

It is not Trump’s presidency that is at risk. It is the principles of democracy that are in the balance. Whether Trump is a disaster or a hero does not matter in the least. He is the elected president of the United States. And when the elected president is “at war” with his own intelligence services, it should be clear to all that the tail is wagging the dog.

And these intelligence services, with their shadowy leaders, have repeatedly lied to their own government about their activities and actions. There is no accountability.
“Who made that decision?”
“Sorry, that’s classified.”

And the result?
America now tortures people, on the flimsiest evidence, as a matter of policy.
America now bombs anyone, anywhere, without regard to borders, sovereign nations, or any of the other basic rules of civilization.
The decisions of our intelligence agencies goes against all American principles, as well as the principles of any civilized people.
This is the irony of the “lesser of two evils” dialogue that was floated during the last election.
It was Trump who was the lesser evil, and the greater evil has still not stopped hunting him.


The most difficult thing that an abused person can do is to learn how to stop automatically being a victim. When a good opportunity for improving one’s situation comes along, it is nearly impossible for them to visualize themselves as succeeding in any fashion, and so, they never give themselves a chance.
And then, having been unable to see themselves positively, they may think that is the world that is hurting them, when really, it is the shadows of their own past – shadows with great substance attached to them, shadows that warp a person’s view and prevents them from seeing the world as benign, and as their own dark shadows from that abused past are not benign, so too the world they view.
When you have been hurt, it is difficult to let the world in. But if you do not let the world in, you remain unchanged and that means that your abusive past may still be with you, continuing to hurt you.
So a great challenge becomes how to give hope to the hopeless. How to retrain those thought patterns to accept success and happiness as possible results for the moments that you live.
These are difficult issues, and quick answers are all too likely unproductive. I speak from experience.
I was sexually abused as a child. It started with my mother, but over time, expanded to others – teenagers, women, men. I had multiple abusers over a several year period, and when it was discovered, I was treated by a psychiatrist in what was then a well-intentioned approach, simply to repress it and forget all about it – which my strong mind did until the age of 40, when after a decade of treatment, I finally recovered those early memories, and for the first time in my entire life, realized that I was not born a bad person, but that I was someone who had had a bad thing done to them.
This worldview change is what has separated the second half of my life from the first, and this realization is what separates the time of your life when you are an abuse victim from the time of your life when you are an abuse survivor. It is only as a survivor that you feel worthy enough to be with ‘normal’ people. And, even so, you realize that ‘normal’ is a place that you will never have a passport for.