Our Time

So proud we were when we were young,
So straight and tall and full of life.
But now those days are gone.
The world has turned,
and we have turned with it.
Where once the dance of life surrounded us,
now the weary steps of old age
have become our own footsteps.
Peace has given way.
The futility of life rises before us
Starkly, like a somber black cliff.
We gaze and do not understand.

Has the world darkened?
Is it the force of evil that celebrates?
Has wisdom been replaced with hatred?
Is it tomorrow that beckons us forward?
Has yesterday lost its grasp?
Is it sadness that walks the world,
masquerading as truth?
It matters not!

Our time is no longer our own.
It belongs to those in the past
and to yet unfulfilled imaginings.