The Wedding Cake Tasting

The New England Culinary Institute (NECI) is located here in Montpelier and they have several retail outlets scattered about the town.  One of them is my favorite local patisserie, La Brioche.  Yesterday afternoon, a selection of 8 soon-to-graduate students had an exhibition of their skills in which they had to to create a wedding cake.  They then presented their creations to the public in a wonderful wedding cake tasting.

Each student had made a mock-up of the whole cake so that we could see the aesthetics of the formal presentation and had cut the actual cake into bite-sized pieces for the public to enjoy.  Each of the cakes was delicious, with various fruit flavors such as blueberry, apricot or nectarine melding with other flavors such as marzipan or flavored honey, all complementing a lovely white cake.  What a scrumptious way to spend a late afternoon in Montpelier.

And it was a cool afternoon as well.  Autumn seems to arrive here before August leaves.  The night before last, we had a low of 44 and last night it dropped to 43.  Of course, the days warm up pleasantly into the 60’s and it’s quite lovely, but since merely a week or so ago, we were dealing with temperatures in the 90s, it seems quite a dramatic change.  And we are forecast to be in a warming trend, but still, the hint of autumn has been felt, and with the school buses on the road and a few of the trees starting to change color, it is clear that the year is turning and summer is on the way out.

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