The Empire Strikes Back

It’s interesting how, a full half year after the elections, the Deep State has still not accepted the results, and continues to use propaganda and smearing in an attempt at regime change.
Yep, regime change, right here in the good old USA.

Trump has done nothing unexpected. He has championed corporate interests, fought the environmental movement, and surrounded himself with cronies. Everyone expected these policy positions long before the election results. What is unexpected is how the Deep State is trying to smear him as “a Commie stooge.”
This is indicative of the greatest danger that America faces, the Deep State trying to regain control over the presidency, and hence, the country.

Both Bush and Obama were clearly Deep State players, with the growth of the surveillance state maximized during their tenures. And Clinton, with her war-hawks, was their choice this time around, but something unexpected happened. Clinton didn’t win. It is almost as if elections don’t matter when the Deep State doesn’t get its candidate in power.

Clearly, Trump is the epitome of US corporate greed. His entrepreneurship extends throughout his entire life.
But a Communist supporter? This is ridiculous.

It is only through media control that the Deep State has been able to float this balloon. And it is only through a very dumbed-down America that it gained credence and traction.

It is not Trump’s presidency that is at risk. It is the principles of democracy that are in the balance. Whether Trump is a disaster or a hero does not matter in the least. He is the elected president of the United States. And when the elected president is “at war” with his own intelligence services, it should be clear to all that the tail is wagging the dog.

And these intelligence services, with their shadowy leaders, have repeatedly lied to their own government about their activities and actions. There is no accountability.
“Who made that decision?”
“Sorry, that’s classified.”

And the result?
America now tortures people, on the flimsiest evidence, as a matter of policy.
America now bombs anyone, anywhere, without regard to borders, sovereign nations, or any of the other basic rules of civilization.
The decisions of our intelligence agencies goes against all American principles, as well as the principles of any civilized people.
This is the irony of the “lesser of two evils” dialogue that was floated during the last election.
It was Trump who was the lesser evil, and the greater evil has still not stopped hunting him.

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