9/11 – Eighth Anniversary

Today marks the eighth anniversary of 9/11, an event that “changed everything.”  And although, for the vast majority of Americans, little has changed, enough time has gone by so that we have had a change in the Federal government, seemingly to no effect, as well as a financial collapse, which is not yet over by far.

The financial collapse centered around the real-estate market, with sub-prime loans being targeted as the cause of the collapse.  And there is much truth to this but it is not the whole story, for the real-estate market was making broad loans across the entire spectra of American consumers.  Aside from the sub-prime loans, there was also a wide distribution of Alt-A loans and option ARMS loans (Adjustable Rate Mortgages).  These two classes of loans both had a much longer ‘grace period’ before they began to reset, and thus, until recently, they have mostly been ignored.  However, the reset date (when the interest rate goes up) is now fast approaching for many of these loans, and analysts, concerned that the ‘recovery’ is still mired down in high unemployment and slow consumer spending, are beginning to put out the word that greater hard times still lie ahead of us.  A recent report on the CBS show “60 Minutes” which has been posted to Youtube.com details this: A second wave of mortgage defaults is about to come.

Note the graph shown about halfway through this report, which details the next several years.  It is clear that a large amount of compost is about to hit the windmill.   With unemployment already high (averaging 6 applicants for every available position), it is doubtful that the American consumer engine, which drives the economy, will be able to pass through this period with impunity.  In fact, it is hard to imagine the consequences of a further turn-down in the national economy, as most State governments are already nearly broke and are cutting back on all forms of social services and income compensation to the needy.

Behind all of this economic pain is the specter of 9/11, which thrust most of our financial reserves and economic strength into the promulgated “War on Terror.”  That 9/11 was an ‘inside job’ has been repeatedly stated by many scientists, bloggers, and websites, and there has been a slow growth among the number of Americans who have come to believe that point of view.  Unfortunately, this has not been reflected in the policies of the American government, who are still wasting American lives in futile Asian wars, and vesting the Defense Department with a budget that reckons the doom of America as a free nation.

The evidence has been slowly mounting that the collapses of the World Trade Center buildings was an engineered feat, and not the result of a terrorist action.  The collapse of WTC 7 was not explained until 2008, seven years after the events, long after all the rubble was destroyed. NIST claims WTC 7 collapsed due to “normal office fires” which created a “new phenomenon” in high-rise catastrophes: collapse caused by thermal expansion of beams. NIST claims this caused the failure of a single column,  the rest just followed.  For a relatively recent summary of the evidence see: Richard Gage article on 9/11 WTC contolled demolitions appears in WorldArchitectureNews.com.

In November of 2008, New Footage of WTC 7 and North Tower Collapse  surfaced on the file-sharing network Veoh.com.  This footage has since been posted on youTube.com.  Of note in the footage is the simultaneous vertical explosions occurring on the right side of the north face of WTC 7.  Also of note in the footage is the sight of the interior structural beams of the North Tower, which are clearly visible after the collapse of the infrastructure around them.  The origin of this footage remains unclear, but it is a valuable addition to the evidence.  A good comprehensive summary of the multiple strands of the evidence involving the many aspects of the conspiracy remains at Michael Rivero’s 9/11 Basic Questions page at What Really Happened. Another recent and noteworthy site is Fire Fighters for 9/11 Truth.

As of March 24, 2008, the U.S. Death Toll due to the conflict in Iraq hit 4,000 and still the deaths mount.  Now, there are plans to increase the number of deployed servicemen in Afghanistan as well.  These Imperialist wars will bring no lasting benefit to America,  and serve only to increase the hatred of Asian peoples toward us.  It is not inconceivable that the rich natural gas resources in Turkmenistan are being strategically considered and may contribute to the basis for the sustained conflict, but with both Russia and China exhibiting strong spheres of influence in this area of the world, this seems to be very ill-considered.

The shadow of 9/11, which, ultimately, has caused a world economic crisis which is not yet over, engendered two wars which cannot be won, and has destroyed the Constitutional liberties of the citizenry of the United States, has stretched very far indeed.

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