First Color

I thought I saw it yesterday, but I wasn’t really sure.  “Maybe just some dryness affected that one there or that one over there,” I told myself.  But, no, this morning it was quite clear.  It’s only in occasional spots so far, just here and there, however, it’s clear that it’s real.  I saw yellows and oranges and even a few reds.  The trees are starting to turn color.

The weather that we’ve had may make for a brilliant display this year.  Much of the summer was rainy and the recurrent wetness caused many a grumble among those of us with an ‘outdoor lifestyle’ [read: homeless].  But in the week before Labor Day, the weather turned to gloriously sunny days and cool crisp dry evenings.  This continued through the first and second weeks of September as well, although it started to cool, and we have just recently had out first bit of rain.  So it should be a vibrant foliage season this year, with the only question being as to when it will start in earnest and then peak.

Personally, it is time to start thinking about winter clothing.  A sweater, a pair of boots, a set of thermal underwear, and perhaps a second pair of jeans would be good to acquire to ward against the immanent colder weather.  And to get anything of lasting quality will be pricey.  There has been little in the ‘free boxes’ and other places of donated clothing this year, or perhaps it just gets snapped up faster.  I’m glad I have this part-time job, although saving money for rent so that I may leave the homeless shelter must remain my highest financial priority.  I fear it will be a long and cold and stormy winter due to the incessant climate instability that we have been seeing, but the weather will be what it will be.

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