Life in Montpelier

Sometimes in life things move along quite slowly and at other times events seem to happen with sudden and unexpected swiftness.  I have been working at establishing myself and getting out of the homeless shelter for some time now with disappointing results.  Recently, I finally came upon a situation which would allow me to do this.  It was a difficult choice as the place that I was looking at was overpriced and two miles out of town as well as being squalid and rank, but it was the only solution that I was able to create for myself.  And then, suddenly, I came upon another situation on the thirtieth of November (my birthday – and what an entirely unexpected birthday gift life threw at me).  A friend of mine in Montpelier had a roommate who was no longer interested in living in the apartment that they shared.  As a result, he was looking for a new roommate to split the rent, which was within my budget.  And so, yesterday, the first of December, I gave him my half of the December rent, and this morning, with the help of a friend, I moved all my stuff out of the shelter and into my new bedroom in an apartment.

What a joy and a relief to finally achieve what I have been working towards for so long now.  With my part time job at ORCA Media and my new residence, I now have a life in Montpelier.

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