The Return

Well, for several years now, life has been tumultuous for me.  This blog has languished as I fought my way through the devastating end of a 12 year relationship with my former fiance, and then the death of a sweet rescued female Dalmatian dog, who finally had to be put down as her arthritis and Lyme disease became too painful.  These events eclipsed my happiness and then extended into a long period of homelessness and unemployment as the economy faltered and all that had once been easy to obtain seemed to be always just out of reach for me.

Now, however, my mood has returned from the dark corridors that it stalked down and I have once again begun to find and respond to the joy of life and the pleasures of reaching out and touching others’ hearts and minds.

I find myself in Montpelier these days with a new job. It only pays minimum wage and it is only 20 hours a week, but after what I have been through, it is like a blessing from Heaven.  So I have decided to resume my blog.  I am not yet sure whether I will focus on the larger issues of politics and the economy which loom before us, or whether I shall simply focus on the day-to-day minutiae that occur in a single life.

I am still living in a homeless shelter, and I have yet to receive my first paycheck.  But I have found hope and, with it, I will achieve housing and eventually will put my life back into some semblance of order.

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