This blog will be an exploration of current affairs and my reactions to them.  It will also concern itself with the beautiful surrounding Vermont countryside and my reactions to that as well.  I am one of those ‘baby-boomers’ that has reached the autumn of my life (hopefully I’m not in the winter of it), and have found a need to express myself about the changing world that I see.

Politically, I would describe myself as an ‘old hippie.’  I have become very cynical about American politics in general, and, especially, the machinations of the Federal Government through the actions of the Administrative branch.  Socially, I would describe myself as ‘laid-back.’ Personally,  I would describe myself as ever optimistic in spite of the pathos of the world.

My full name is Edward A. Bush.  I was born in Albany, New York, went to high school in Watervliet, NY, and later spent several decades of my life in Cambridge and Allston, Mass.  I was active in the ’60’s counter-culture, and now that I am older, I spend my time in lovely Vermont, where my father’s family is from.

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